When you talk with friends, everytime you want to bring up a topic you don’t have to go “Hey <name>” because that would be weird, right? This is why sometimes using voice assistant platforms like Google Assistant or Siri might be weird because you’ll always have to keep prompting it to activate it.

However on Android TV, it has been noticed that Google Assistant has been upgraded where it can actually hold continuous conversations with its user. As you might have heard, Google Assistant is arriving on Android TV and the continuous conversation appears to be a few feature that will be part of it.

Basically what this means is that Google Assistant will keep listening for a short while after your latest query in case there’s anything else that comes to mind. For example you might want to check the time and weather of a country that you’re visiting, so you could ask for the time and follow it up with the weather without having to go, “OK Google” to activate the second query.

This is slightly different from follow-up questions in which you would still need to activate the AI through its keywords. We reckon there might be some who might be too comfortable with the fact that it’s still listening once the initial query has ended, so we have to wonder if there’s maybe a settings that allows you to turn it off. In the meantime you can check out the video above by Android Police to see the feature in action.

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