google-daydream-viewer-3The thing with new platforms is that you need to populate it with fun apps and establish a good ecosystem if you hope to attract more users and more developers, especially since it can be a vicious cycle where users don’t want to adopt it due to the lack of apps, and developers don’t want to create for it due to a lack of users, and so on.

Prior to this, Google’s Daydream VR platform was a bit limited as Google only allowed certain developers to create apps for it. However the good news is that it looks like they have decided to open it up to everyone else. This means that if you’re a budding developer looking to get in on the VR craze through Daydream, you’ll now be able to.

Google has put together a website in which it tells users how to go about creating apps for the platform. According to Google, “Opting-in to Daydream distribution means that you want your app to be made discoverable to Daydream users through Google Play VR and Daydream Home. Upon publication, Google Play submits apps that are opted-in to Daydream for review against the Daydream App Quality criteria and notifies you of the result. If your app meets all criteria, Google Play makes it discoverable to Daydream users in VR.”

For the end user this might not be that big of a deal, but as a developer it means you’ll now be able to get started to create apps for the platform, which we guess in turn will benefit users.

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