Image credit - Android Police

Image credit – Android Police


There are a variety of ways that carparks can let visitors know how many spots are available. This can be done by displaying a counter, or carparks can install light sensors above parking bays in which it will flash green if a spot is available, or red if it is not, thus saving drivers time from having to drive to a section only to find it full.

We know that finding parking sometimes can be a bit of a headache, so why not let Google lend a hand? According to the folks at Android Police, it seems that Google Maps is now starting to show parking suggestions for some users. As you can see in the screenshot above, when you’re traveling to a particular destination, a “P” icon will be displayed next to the ETA.

In the first image to the left, it shows the “P” icon in red which is an indication that parking right now is limited. The middle and right image shows a blue “P” icon which suggests that finding parking is at a medium and easy difficulty respectively. Granted it doesn’t actually direct you into a parking bay by itself, but at the very least you’ll know what the situation is so that you can change your mind and park somewhere close by and walk, or you can take a chance.

This is actually a feature discovered back in August 2016, but it looks like the feature is rolling out now to users. However like we said, it seems that this feature isn’t live for everyone just yet so give it a while if you don’t see it in your Google Maps app just yet.

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