google maps iosHave you ever gone somewhere only to realize that parking is a complete nightmare? We suppose sometimes you could anticipate the difficulty of parking, like for example a mall on the weekend will no doubt be packed, or maybe during lunch hour, or maybe after work where people might head to a mall to do some shopping or eating.

However sometimes there might be events that you do not know about, and in such cases parking can become a nightmare. The good news is that you could soon use Google Maps to figure that out. According to an APK teardown by Android Police, they have discovered some strings of code that hint at Google Maps being able to tell you whether the place you’re going to has parking available.

Now it won’t actually point out to users where they can park, although that would be awesome, but it will break down the ease of parking into “Easy”, “Medium”, and “Limited”. We’re not sure how this will work, like whether or not this will be dynamic in the sense that it will update and change depending on the time of day.

Or maybe as Android Police suggests, it will be based on historical information in which it just shows you the general ease of parking in an area just to give users a rough idea of the parking situation. Either way we guess we’ll have to wait for the update to roll out in order to get a better idea.

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