ikea-ukThe term hack is typically used to refer to computers being broken into, accounts compromised, phones being hijacked, and so on. However it can also be used in other terms to mean coming up with creative solutions for everyday problems, or in the case of IKEA hacks, it means modifying furniture and using it in ways that it might not have been meant for.

For those who are interested in hacking their IKEA furniture, not to worry because come 2018, the Swedish furniture company is expected to release an “open source” furniture platform that will make hacking it easy. The platform will be known as Delaktig and was actually announced before, but the report from The Wall Street Journal has since revealed the company’s plans for an actual release.

While hacking IKEA furniture isn’t new, we guess the fact that customers will soon have an official platform, purchasing parts and add-ons will be a lot easier than before. Speaking to The Wall Street Journal, James Futcher, Ikea’s creative lead said, “People hack anyway; we want to encourage that.”

It is an interesting stance for the company especially when you consider that back in 2015, the company tried to shut down a popular fansite called “IkeaHackers” for exactly the same reasons, but we guess they have since changed their minds.

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