We don’t really print pictures like we used to back in the day. These days it’s much easier to quickly take a picture with your smartphone and share it instantly with the world online. Gone are the days when we would need to take the film to get developed and would then make physical albums to store those prints. Nevertheless, there’s still a market for instant photo printers and LG continues to cater to that market by launching a new Pocket Photo printer.

Since this is meant to be a portable product, the LG Pocket Photo printer weighs just 177grams and measures in at 78 x 125 x 22mm. There’s no need to be concerned about ink because that’s already included in the paper which is used to print the photos on.

You don’t even need to carry any cables with it because it connects wirelessly to the smartphone and prints photos at the touch of a button. With its built-in 470mAh battery that can be charged in under 30 minutes, the Pocket Photo printer is capable of printing photos in both jpeg and png formats.

The Pocket Photo companion app enables users to edit their photos and even add a QR code to the print which includes a link to their social media profiles. Captions and the date on which the photo was taken can also be added through the app.

LG is selling this product for around $120 and the pack of zink paper (30 pcs) costs under $15. The Pocket Photo printer is already available in South Korea and a handful of other markets. No word as yet on if or when it will be made available in the United States.

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