The folks at Netflix have an annual “Hack Day” in which employees are free to come up with all kinds of wacky ideas. For example we saw the creation of a VR video store back in 2016, and before that we also saw Netflix create their own “Netflix and Chill” button. This year we are looking at mind control.

In a post on Netflix’s blog, Netflix employees Ben Hands, Sagar Patil, Steve Henderson, and Andy Law have put together something called MindFlix. Basically this is a Muse EEG-detecting headband that is worn on the person’s head, and from there whenever the person moves their head up or down or side to side, it will let them control Netflix’s interface.

Taking it one step further, whenever the wearer has decided on a title that they’d like to watch, all they have to do is think about the word or action “Play” and it will begin playing the video, which we have to say is pretty awesome since it means that you don’t have to move to reach for the controls ever again.

We’re not sure how well this will work in real-life, but the video demonstration above seems to show that it works just fine. Unfortunately as Netflix explains, “While we’re excited about the creativity and thought put into these hacks, they may never become part of the Netflix product, internal infrastructure, or otherwise be used beyond Hack Day.  We are posting them here publicly to share the spirit of the event and our culture of innovation.”

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