A new vulnerability has been found in Netgear routers which can potentially allow hackers to commandeer your routers. This vulnerability is said to affect more than a dozen Netgear routers and thus potentially affects thousands of units in homes and businesses across the globe. The vulnerability has been disclosed by a cybersecurity firm called Trustwave.

According to Trustwave, the Netgear vulnerability enables hackers to exploit the router’s password recovery system to bypass authentication and gain control of admin credentials. This gives them full access to the device and its systems thus enabling them to do whatever they want with the router remotely.

This vulnerability is said to affect at least 31 different routers and thus leaves more than a million users exposed. Routers that have the remote management option turned on will be vulnerable to remote attacks. Anyone with physical access to one of the affected models can easily go around the safety mechanisms and gain access to the device. They can even turn it into a botnet if they want.

Netgear has since confirmed that this vulnerability exists and has published a full list of the affected models on its website. If you own any one of these models it’s strongly recommended that you immediately update your router’s firmware to ensure that this vulnerability doesn’t present a risk anymore.

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