nintendo-switch-2When it was initially rumored that the Nintendo Switch would be priced at $250, we reckon many were pretty happy with the price, and many had hoped that Target’s pricing of $299.99 would be wrong. Unfortunately that is not the case as during the Nintendo Switch presentation, the company has confirmed the price of $299.99 and its release, which is set for the 3rd of March, 2017.

During the presentation, Nintendo also revealed some additional details about the console that many have been eager to hear about, one of which is whether the console will have a touchscreen display. As it turns out it does, and it seems that for the Switch, Nintendo has finally done away with resistive touchscreens and have turned to the use of capacitive touchscreens, which is basically the same technology as your phone.

It also seems that some of the rumors regarding the controllers were right, as one of the JoyCon controllers will have a button that lets users grab screenshots and share them on social media, with video capture coming at a later date. There is also IR functionality that sense the motion of a player’s hand, like the Wiimote. There is also force feedback and built-in motion sensors.

Other features of the console include 32GB of internal storage and support for micro SDXC cards. Nintendo is also estimating that the console when unplugged should last players anywhere between 2.5 hours to 6 hours depending on the game they are playing. The battery of the console can be recharged via USB-C. Last but not least, Nintendo also confirmed they would be launching a paid-for online service similar to Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus that will be required for online play, but details are scarce and the company is only expected to share more information about it this coming fall.

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