nintendo-switch-4Many are seeing the Nintendo Switch as the company’s “last chance” following the flop that was the Wii U. However with the console having yet to be released, we guess it’s hard to tell how well it will do, although investors did not seem too optimistic which led to Nintendo’s share prices to drop.

That being said, over in Japan it is telling a very different story. According to Media Create, they claim that based on their data, the Nintendo Switch pre-orders in the country are at 80% of the initial shipment. This means that Nintendo is close to selling out of their initial shipment of Switch units that were allocated to the Japanese market.

Of course we should point out that it is unclear as to how many units are destined for Japan in the first place, but last we heard Nintendo was planning a total of 2 million units worldwide for a start. With the Switch’s launch being a little over a month away, it is possible that those pre-orders could be inching closer towards the 100% mark.

These numbers seem to substantiate an earlier report in which a Swedish retailer claims that the Switch is seeing more advanced bookings compared to the PS4 when it was first launched, all of which seems to suggest that at the very least, interest in the console is pretty strong for now.

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