nintendo_switch_zeldaThe Nintendo Switch is only expected to be released in March 2017, but the question we’re sure many are wondering is how will the console fare? Will it be an even bigger success than the Wii? Or will it be a bigger failure than the Wii U? Or will it fall somewhere in between? It seems that Nintendo are approaching with caution as they have predicted 2 million units shipped at launch.

Note that shipping numbers aren’t sales numbers, meaning that 2 million shipped does not equal to 2 million sold. However since shipping numbers are also roughly based on demand for the console, sometimes they do come pretty close, especially for products whose demand tends to exceed its supply.

According to Nintendo’s predictions, they think that they will be able to ship 2 million Switch consoles by the end of the 31st of March, 2017. This is a somewhat cautious number, but given the chilly reception of the Wii U, we guess we can’t blame them for tempering their ambitions somewhat.

Analysts have previously predicted that Nintendo could sell as many as 5-8 million units within the first 12 months of its launch, so assuming that is true, 2 million units by the end of March 2017 could put them on that path. Of course it remains to be seen what the Switch will be offering since less-than-compelling hardware would deter many gamers, but in the meantime Nintendo’s investors don’t seem too convinced.

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