qualcomm-logoLast week Apple announced that they would be suing Qualcomm. The company alleges that Qualcomm attempted to “extort” them by withholding payments as a form of “punishment” for Apple’s cooperation with Korea’s FTC. Qualcomm later denied those allegations and called Apple’s claims baseless.

However it seems that Qualcomm might be considering doing more than just releasing statements. In a report from Recode, it seems that the publication as learnt from their sources that Qualcomm is apparently mulling filing a countersuit against Apple in response to their lawsuit, and will also attempt to get Apple’s lawsuit against them dismissed.

Despite the seemingly brewing of bad blood between both companies, Qualcomm still has plans to keep supplying its chips to Apple. We suppose this shouldn’t really be surprising since business is business, and as we have seen in the past, Apple and Samsung still have a solid working relationship with each other despite both companies suing the heck out of each other in courtrooms around the world.

It is possible that Apple might have already been considering moving away from Qualcomm or at least reducing their dependency. With the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, Intel’s modems can also be found in certain models of the new handsets, but whether or not a full shift to Intel will happen remains to be seen.

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