Image credit - iFixit

Image credit – iFixit

If you’re looking to repair your electronic gadget, taking it back to the place you bought it is usually a good idea. This is because the repair work is mostly guaranteed, plus with the company making the product, they should be more familiar with how to fix it. The only problem is that this can take longer and in some cases, cost a lot more.

This is where third-party repair shops come in where repairs can be done faster and cheaper. However for the most part these third-party repair stores aren’t authorized, meaning that components aren’t official. The good news is that according to a report from Motherboard, lawmakers in five states in the US are looking to change that.

Lawmakers in Kansas, Nebraska, Minnesota,Massachusetts and New York are introducing what is known as the “Right to repair” bill. Basically it gives these repair shops the ability to purchase the official parts they need to repair a product, as well as access to official manuals from manufacturers.

According to the legislators who introduced the bill in New York, “Limited authorized channels result in inflated, high repair prices and high overturn of electronic items. Another concern is the large amount of electronic waste created by the inability to affordably repair broken electronics.” So what this means moving forward is that if the bill is passed, in the future you don’t have to worry about third-party repair shops giving you unofficial third-party components or repairing it the wrong way.

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