samsung_flexwash_flexdry_2[CES 2017] If you have been washing your own clothes for a while now, you’ve probably come to realize that not all clothes can be washed the same way. For example certain types of fabric might be too delicate to be put in a regular machine, or how some clothing items weren’t designed for use with normal dryers.


However Samsung wants to solve that problem by launching a new four-in-one laundry system at CES 2017. This consists of a washer in the form of the FlexWash, and a dryer in the form of the FlexDry. So how is this four-in-one? Basically the FlexWash and FlexDry both have a front-loading compartment in which regular clothes can be washed and dried.

At the same time if you want to wash or dry certain clothing items separate from the main compartment, the FlexWash and FlexDry will have a separate area at the top of the machine to do that. For example the FlexDry has a Delicate Rack zone that gently dries cloth in a controlled, heated air flow.

All four units can be operated independently and simultaneously, so you can wash your regular clothes, use the top part to wash your delicates, and also dry both your normal clothes and delicates all at once. If this sounds like something that could be of use to you, keep an eye out for its release in the near future.

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