[CES 2017] When it comes to TVs, Samsung usually comes up with some pretty interesting designs as well as introducing some pretty interesting technology. This year at CES the company has taken the wraps off their latest televisions in the form of a new lineup of Samsung QLED TVs: the Q9, Q8, and Q7.

So what can we expect from these QLED TVs? According to Samsung, the new TVs are expected to offer dramatically improved image quality and can reproduce 100% color volume. What this means is that regardless of brightness level, the TVs should be able to express all colors, so if you’re not a fan of maxing out your TVs brightness, not to worry as color quality should not be washed-out.

"QLED IS LCD TECHNOLOGY PUSHED TO THE LIMIT"QLED is based on LCD panel technology, which means that which light is going through different layers that will color it, before exiting the display towards the front. “Q” is a reference to Quantum Dots, a crystal element that has an amazing property: it can shift the light spectrum going through it when electricity is induced. TV makers have added an additional layer of Quantum Dots to increase their level of control over how each pixel’s color is being generated. QLED is LCD Technology pushed to the limit.

Samsung is also boasting that its new QLED TVs use an “Invisible Connection” cable, which basically gathers all the peripherals connected to the TV into a single cable, thus making it look neater as opposed to having cables strewn across the floor and dangling off the wall. In our opinion, this was the most discrete option so far, although it does not provide power, only image data.

"SAMSUNG'S QLED TELEVISIONS: THE BEST QUALITY/PRICE RATIO"The new QLED TVs will also be “smart” and will offer up connectivity to the user’s smartphone via the “Smart View” app, which is a much improved variant of the TV remote app that people still didn’t find good enough (and therefore reached for the dumb remote). There’s also a new Sports mode that we shot a video of.

Pricing of the new QLED TVs were not mentioned, but given all the new innovative technologies that Samsung has packed into it, don’t expect it to come “cheap”, but Samsung’s QLED Televisions have the best quality/price ratio, a rather critical metric for any buyer. In the meantime if you’d like to better understand the difference between your older LCD and OLED, check out our LCD vs OLED explanation.

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