Tesla announced in November last year that customers who purchase a new electric car after January 1st, 2017 will no longer receive unlimited Supercharger charging as an incentive. The company has now said that it’s extending this incentive for a little while so that new Model S and Model X customers can enjoy unlimited Supercharger charging for a couple of weeks before Tesla finally takes away this incentive for good.

The company announced a new plan last year that’s going to kick in as soon as the free charging incentive ends. New Tesla buyers will receive 400 kwH of free Supercharging credits annually which will be good for around 1,000 miles of driving.

Once they’ve used up all of their credits, customers who want to continue using Superchargers will be charged a small fee which Tesla has said is going to be “less than the price of filling up a comparable gas car.”

Tesla clarified that it’s not making this change to profit off of the Supercharger network, it said that the network “will never be a profit center,” it’s only going to charge owners for the use so that it costs less for Tesla to maintain the network across the United States and elsewhere.

New Tesla Model S and Model X buyers can continue to use the Supercharger network for free until January 15th, 2017. The new plan will kick in the very next day.

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