tesla_model_x_3Having your car suddenly accelerate with enough force to punch a hole through your garage and into your living room is something that you might see in movies or TV, but it seems that it has happened to a certain Ji Chang Son, the owner of a Tesla Model X who claimed that the vehicle had suddenly accelerated despite having been parked.


The lawsuit reads, “The vehicle spontaneously began to accelerate at full power, jerking forward and crashing through the interior wall of the garage, destroying several wooden support beams in the wall and a steel sewer pipe, among other things, and coming to rest in Plaintiffs’ living room.”

The lawsuit has been filed in the US District Court in the Central District of California and it has also cited at least seven other complaints filed with the NHTSA over sudden accelerations as well. It also seems that it is seeking class-action status, which means that other Tesla Model X owners who have experienced similar problems can take part in the lawsuit as well if they choose.

However it seems that Tesla does not believe themselves to be at fault, and have claimed that in such instances it is almost always due to human error. According to Tesla’s statement, “The evidence, including data from the car, conclusively shows that the crash was the result of Mr. Son pressing the accelerator pedal all the way to 100 percent.”

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