Microsoft has confirmed that it’s working on a more powerful version of its Xbox One console that’s codenamed Project Scorpio. The company isn’t expected to show off this console until E3 2017 later this year but a new report claims to leak some Project Scorpio RAM details. One of the biggest differences between Project Scorpio and the Xbox One and Xbox One S is said to be the removal of ESRAM.

The report claims to have taken this information from a document that was released on Microsoft’s development portal and it provides some details about the hardware specs of Project Scorpio.

It mentions that Project Scorpio won’t have ESRAM like existing Xbox One consoles. It does make sense because Microsoft is not allowing development of games only for Scorpio so developers have to continue optimizing their games for ESRAM to ensure that they remain compatible with Xbox One and Xbox One S.

The report also claims that the 4K-ready Project Scorpio is going to have support for delta color compression which is going to reduce the amount of GPU bandwidth needed to render color pixels. Microsoft has previously confirmed that this new console is going to have eight CPU cores with 320 GB/s memory bandwidth boasting six teraflops of performance.

Microsoft is looking to launch Project Scorpio around the holiday season later this year. It’s yet to properly unveil the console and is expected to do so at E3 2017.

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