After months of endless speculation and teasers, Microsoft today announced the console that we’ve until now known as Project Scorpio. No, that’s not what it’s going to be officially called. Microsoft has confirmed during its E3 2017 press conference today that the new console is going to be called Xbox One X. It has also confirmed the price, specs, and release date of this console.

As Microsoft has previously said, the Xbox One X boasts 6 teraflops of graphics processing power. The console relies on a custom GPU engine that runs at 1172MHz, significantly faster than the 853MHz GPU engine on the Xbox One and the 911MHz engine on the PS4 Pro which only has 4.2 teraflops of GPU power.

The company also confirmed today that all existing Xbox One accessories are compatible with the Xbox One X and so are all Xbox 360 backward compatible games and all Xbox One titles. Microsoft is going to use “super sampling’ on the Xbox One X so that games look more visually appealing on 1080p TVs. Those who have a 4K TV can enjoy true 4K gaming with the Xbox One X.

The Xbox One X design is quite similar to that of the Xbox One S. There’s an HDMI-in port and the dedicated Kinect port is nowhere to be found. All that processing power requires effective cooling so the Xbox One X has a liquid-cooled vapor-chamber inside.

Microsoft points out that the Xbox One X also happens to be the “smallest Xbox ever.” The company is going to release it worldwide on November 7th.

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