Microsoft’s Project Scorpio will be the company’s latest iteration of the Xbox. From what we have been hearing, it is going to be a powerful console, more so than the PS4 Pro. So with all that new fangled hardware under the hood, does that mean that we can expect to see an expensive price tag?

According to analyst Michael Pachter, it seems that we can expect to see Microsoft return to the original Xbox One price of $399. He believes that Microsoft will not be pricing themselves out of the game, and that a price tag of $399 will still make the console relevant in the current console cycle. Given that there were quite a few gamers who adopted the Xbox One even when it was priced at $499, we imagine that there will be willing customers.

If you recall, Microsoft originally launched the Xbox One at $499 when the PS4 was priced at $399. This allowed the PS4 to gain market share on the Xbox One at the start, which Microsoft later managed to regain some of it when they reduce it down to $399. This means that at a price of $399, Project Scorpio wouldn’t really be seen as too prohibitively expensive.

Pachter also believes that when Microsoft does unveil the pricing, which will be at E3 2017, Sony could respond in kind by lowering the price of the PS4 Pro to either $299 or even lower at $249, but that remains to be seen, so check back with us at E3 2017 next week for the details.

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