There has been a lot of speculation about Apple’s TV plans over the years. At one point it was believed that the company was creating a full-fledged television set but that didn’t happen. Then we starting hearing rumors about a standalone live TV streaming service but that didn’t happen as well. The company’s only TV product right now is the Apple TV set-top box and according to a new report, it’s going to be refreshed soon. Apple is expected to launch a 4K Apple TV set-top box.

Bloomberg reports that the fifth-generation Apple TV might be launched at some point this year. The report adds that the set-top box is going to have support for “more vivid colors,” which basically means it’s going to have HDR support. HDR is a feature that’s gradually becoming popular on consumer 4K TVs.

The report does mention that Apple originally wanted to stream live TV through this device and had even developed a games controller for it so that owners could take part in some casual gaming like other set-top boxes allow them.

However, all of that appears to have been shelved due to Apple’s aggressive profit margins, at least that’s the impression you get from how things are described in the report. Apple has an event coming up in June, the Worldwide Developers Conference, but it’s unclear whether it’s going to be the event where the company unveils its next-generation set-top box.

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