Apple first announced its Beats X wireless earbuds last year and later said that it was going to delay them until February 2017. It has made customers wait more than five months for these earbuds and the company has finally confirmed when they will be available for purchase. Apple was originally supposed to release the Beats X wireless earbuds in the fall last year.

The company has announced today that it’s going to release Beats X on February 10th. We did see a report several days back which suggested that Apple may soon confirm the release date for these wireless earbuds.

It was reported yesterday that select Apple retail stores across the United States had started to receive stock of the Beats X. The earbuds feature Apple’s W1 chip which enables them to easily pair with Mac and iOS devices. They are also compatible with non-Apple devices so you can use them with your Android smartphone as well should you so desire.

Bear in mind that these earbuds have to be charged through a Lightning connector. Apple says that the battery life is good for 8 hours so users can get two hours of listening time even if they just charge the Beats X for five minutes.

The Beats X wireless earbuds from Apple will be available for purchase starting February 10th for $149.95.

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