At the moment wireless charging is still not 100% wireless. It is wireless in the sense that your phone does not need to be attached to a cable, but you will still need to lay it on top of a wireless charging mat for it to work. In some case it might even prove to be not as useful since taking it off the mat will disrupt the charging process.

We have heard rumors that Apple has been working on “true” wireless charging, and it seems that Disney could have beaten Apple to the punch. Disney Research has recently taken the wraps off a prototype wireless charging room that according to them, comes with “ubiquitous wireless power delivery”.

What this means is that users who are in the room will be able to charge their devices wirelessly without any cables, wires, or charging pads. While we have seen similar concepts in the past that rely on radio waves to charge devices, Disney Research’s prototype involves the use of aluminum panels, a large copper pipe, and fifteen capacitors that were placed in the middle of the pipe.

According to Disney Research, “In this work we’re demonstrating room-scale wireless power, but there’s no reason we couldn’t shrink this down to the size of a toy box or a charging chest, or scale up to a warehouse or a large building.” At the moment it is merely a prototype and proof-of-concept, but like we said Disney Research isn’t the first company to come up with such a solution, so it’s safe to assume that perhaps in the future, this is what we might be able to expect.

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