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As it stands there isn’t a standard set of rules in place with regards to self-driving vehicles in the US. This is why when Uber’s self-driving program was put to a stop in California, all they had to do was ship their cars and their program over to Arizona where they were seemingly welcomed with open arms.

That being said, this is why it is understandable that several carmakers and companies have since launched an appeal for the US federal government to come up with a standard set of rules regarding the testing and deployment of self-driving cars. The companies in question are Toyota, GM, and Lyft, and interestingly enough Tesla, Uber, and Waymo did not participate in this effort (yet).

In a testimony made by GM Vice President of Global Strategy Michael Ableson, “Self-driving cars won’t drive while impaired by drugs or alcohol, they won’t be distracted by a cell phone, they won’t drive drowsy or recklessly, and their speed will be limited to that of the local laws and conditions. For years, auto makers have committed our resources to protecting passengers when crashes do happen. Today, through the continuing development of technology, we have the further opportunity to avoid crashes altogether.”

We’re not sure what will become of this appeal, but it is clear that there needs to be some standards set in place

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