Lady Gaga
Super Bowl 51 is just a few hours away and there’s no doubt that excitement is building up for the big game. The Super Bowl halftime show remains a major attraction for viewers and this year it’s going to be Lady Gaga who will captivate the audience with her performance. Reports from the Houston area suggest that the Lady Gaga Super Bowl 51 show is going to feature “hundreds” of drones.

If this is true, it would be the first time that drones are made part of the Super Bowl halftime show. While the artist herself hasn’t revealed any details about her performance, reports from the area have people witnessing countless drones swarming over the football stadium.

Conventional drones aren’t welcome around the NRG Stadium where the big game is going to take place. The FAA has a “No Drone Zone” established in a 34.5 mile radius of the stadium. It would have taken some effort to get hundreds of drones approved for Gaga’s performance, but then again, being a superstar does come with a few perks.

Her performance will apparently be graced by hundreds of these drones that will light up to add extra flair to the halftime show. It will be interesting to see how that looks. One can only hope that no drones fail during the performance, particularly when they will be sharing the stadium with tens of thousands of people who are generating crazy amounts of wireless traffic

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