Great advertisements have become a part of the Super Bowl experience over the years so there’s always a lot of excitement to see which products companies will try to hawk during the game and in what manner will they try to capture viewers’ attention. As you can probably imagine, an ad spot during the Super Bowl costs quite a lot, a 30-second spot goes for $5 million and Google is going to spend that much money to promote Google Home.

On the surface, Google Home might look like just another connected speaker but it can do much more than that as it’s powered by Google Assistant. It’s a “Made by Google” product that highlights the company’s ability to make great hardware on its own.

The Google Super Bowl 51 ad comes after the company’s absence from the big game in 2016. Google hasn’t disclosed the details about its ad spot so we’ll have to wait until Sunday to find out just how effectively it’s going to use that $5 million ad spot to promote Google Home.

Rival Amazon aired an ad for its artificial intelligence assistant Alexa during last year’s Super Bowl. It already has a dominant position in this market as Google arrived with its product later, so now it’s going to put its resources to good use to try and get as many people as possible to pick up Google Home.

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