Are you looking forward to the weekend? Well, if you happen to own an Xbox One, Microsoft wants to make the weekend extra special for you. The company has confirmed today that as part of its Xbox Live Multiplayer All Access event, Xbox One owners will be able to play NBA 2K17 and Rocket League for free this weekend. Xbox One owners will have three full days of unpaid access to these games.

Both titles are very popular, NBA 2K17 particularly, as it enables gamers to take on their friends in a virtual basketball court. It’s good fun. Rocket League has made a name for itself as well. It’s an amazingly fun title which sees players battle each other for a giant football in cars that can have their abilities enhanced using various powerups.

Being able to play both games for free is a very great incentive to those who have yet to purchase either title and wouldn’t mind taking them for a spin first. The games that are offered on free weekends are usually discounted later so that those who played them and made their minds up to purchase them and buy them at a lower price.

NBA 2K17 and Rocket League have both been discounted to $39 and $15 respectively and will remain at this price for several days after the free weekend is up.

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