One of the nifty features of the Nintendo Switch is that it will come with wireless controllers by default. Given that no one really likes cables as they can get tangled up and tripped up on, it is no surprise that quite a few gamers have turned to wireless peripherals such as controllers, keyboards, mice, and even headphones.

Unfortunately it seems that the only thing wireless about the upcoming Nintendo Switch is its controllers because there will not be support for Bluetooth headsets. Several days ago French website Melty reported that based on an interview with Nintendo exec Yoshiaki Koizumi, there would be support for Bluetooth headsets.

However Melty has since published a follow-up report in which it seems that Nintendo France has reached out to them to clarify the details. According to the new report, Bluetooth headsets for the Switch will not be supported, and that the initial mixup was probably due to a miscommunication in the translation.

What this means is that if you wanted to play using headphones, you’ll have to get the wired kind. This is a bit of a bummer and we have to wonder why Nintendo isn’t supporting the feature, but in any case that’s something to think about if you’re going to shop for new accessories for the Switch.

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