Nintendo’s consoles have never really been known for their power, but for the most part it is good enough to play the company’s first-party titles and others. So the question is, how does the Nintendo Switch hold up in terms of futureproofing? Obviously people plan to buy the console and keep it for several years, so what can we expect in terms of power and features?


The good news is that it seems that the Nintendo Switch is powerful enough to support virtual reality (VR). This was confirmed by Nintendo’s President Tatsumi Kimishima during an interview with TIME in which he said that the Switch would be powerful enough to support technology, which might be music to some of your ears.

Kimishima was quoted as saying, “The very simple answer is yes. We’ve said this before, and I feel like we’re saying it a lot, but we are interested and doing research into this field. The question, of course, is ‘What is the best way to bring virtual reality to our customers as a form of entertainment?’ Not just, ‘Hey, look! It’s realistic!’ or whatever, but what is the best way to use this technology to bring something fun to our consumer base? We are definitely looking at that.”

Nintendo’s interest in VR isn’t new and the company has actually confirmed in the past that VR is an area that they are looking into. There is no guarantee that it will eventually find its way onto the Switch, but know that if and when it does, the console will have no problems supporting it, or so Nintendo claims.

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