Adidas is a company known for their sport and casual wear, but it looks like the company is expanding their offerings as they have recently launched an app called “All Day” which is basically a fitness app that is aimed at women. The app is currently in beta and is set for a release this coming summer where it will be available on iOS and Android.

So what makes All Day different from the bevy of fitness apps already available in the market today? For starters, Adidas has worked with the likes of the American College of Sports Medicine and Verily, so basically it’s safe to say that this app and its features and functions have been very well researched by some pretty prominent bodies.

According to Adidas, the app will focus on four area that they believe are key to improving your current state, which includes movement, nutrition, mindset, and rest. The app will collect that information from you and based on the information provided by their partners, the app will then attempt to offer a range of tips and routines that they are calling “Discoveries”.

Basically it sounds like the app will try to cater itself to the user and what they do, meaning that not everyone will necessarily get the same routine. According to Stacey Burr, VP and general manager at adidas Digital Sports, “adidas ALLDAY will initially focus on the female athlete who seeks variety and likes to try new things to challenge and inspire herself to be better every day. With an experience powered by rich scientific insight, the app makes fit living more approachable while still keeping it fun.”

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