Apple has long been said to have an interest in augmented reality, even the company has hinted that much, and considering that it hasn’t done anything to bring the joys of virtual reality to iPhone owners it may be more interested in the other technology. According to a new report, Apple is now “stepping up its efforts” by setting aside more resources for development with the idea of eventually shifting it from a research project to an actual consumer product.

The Financial Times reports today that Apple’s augmented reality glasses project has overtaken Project Titan which is believed to be Apple’s self-driving car project. AR is apparently Apple’s next big priority now after the iPhone.

Previous reports suggest that Apple is developing a pair of lightweight augmented reality glasses in partnership with Carl Zeiss. The glasses would need to be paired with another device like an iPhone to be used for the intended purpose. It was claimed that Apple has hundreds of engineers working on this project.

However, the company hasn’t really confirmed or denied anything about its augmented reality plans. The report itself claims, citing sources familiar with Apple’s plans, that even though development activity has picked up a retail launch of such a product may be more than a year away.

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