We suppose compared to the PS4 Pro or maybe even Project Scorpio from Microsoft (based on what we know), the Nintendo Switch isn’t exactly what you would call a powerhouse. However then again Nintendo has never really been one to focus a lot on power, but it seems that had it not been for Capcom, the Switch might have come in even more underpowered.


In a report from Games Industry Japan (via Game Rant), it has been revealed that Capcom had apparently managed to convince Nintendo to up the amount of RAM that would come in the Switch. For those wondering, the Switch packs 4GB of RAM so we can only imagine how much RAM it might have come with had they not increased it.

The reason is apparently because Capcom was in the midst of developing its RE Engine at that time, and 4GB of RAM was required if the Switch wanted to support the engine and ultimately Resident Evil 7. Interestingly enough Capcom has not announced anything for the Switch yet and last we heard, Capcom had no plans to bring Resident Evil onto the console.

In any case the Capcom wasn’t alone in requesting for more memory as other developers were asking for the same thing as well. We suppose it’s good that Nintendo listened because we’re sure the last thing they want is another flop on their hands like the Wii U. By all accounts the Switch seems to be doing great, thanks to first-party titles such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

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