Wearable technology is currently a very popular device used by those who exercise. Whether you use it for running, weight training, swimming, there is bound to be a wearable for it. For the most part wearables are a personal thing, but over in the UK, a fitness studio by the name of Opus is actually emphasizing the use of wearables by its users.


According to a report from Sporteluxe, the studio relies on the MyZone monitoring system. This allows their clients to view their own heart rate, burnt calories, and individual efforts that they are putting into the class. Trainers can also use the system to monitor their clients even if they are away from the studio, thus ensuring that their clients are working out properly.

David Kingsbury who runs the studio says, “We love data. We use advanced measurement protocols to keep a watchful eye over our clients’ weight, body fat percentage, joint range of motion, lung function, blood pressure and many other health markers.” This is actually an interesting setup as so far like we said, fitness trackers are viewed as more optional than necessary, but we wouldn’t be surprised if in the future, more fitness studios or even commercial gyms could start encouraging their customers to hop on board the wearables bandwagon.

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