Instagram continues to improve the tools that ensure that the community is kept safe from content that violates its guidelines. However, things are never black and white on the internet so services like Instagram are faced with a problem when they have to host content that’s technically not against their guidelines. Instagram has found a way to work around this problem by blurring some sensitive content.

Instagram posts that don’t necessarily violate the community guidelines but are deemed to be sensitive will now be automatically hidden behind a blurred “Sensitive Content” warning.

What this means is that posts that are reported as offensive by the community but don’t require a takedown as per the company’s guidelines will henceforth be hidden behind this blurred filter. Users who would like to see that post will have to tap on the Sensitive Content warning for the post to appear.

Instagram has confirmed that this blurred filter will be shown in both list and grid display modes. It’s confident that this filter will prevent its users from having to go through surprising or unwanted experiences.

The Facebook-owned company has also confirmed today that the two-factor authentication security layer that it announced last year is now finally available for all of its users across the globe.

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