As good as a service might be, it can only do so much if its reach is limited. While Netflix has rolled out its service to more parts of the world, there are still some platforms in which support isn’t quite as robust, such as Linux for example where Netflix could only be streamed on Google’s Chrome browser.

However even then, users had to make sure that they were using the “correct” version of Chrome with the required EME support. However the good news for Linux users is that you’ll now have one more option to choose from, and that is Firefox, according to a recent announcement on Netflix’s website.

According to Netflix’s announcement, “And though we do not officially support Linux, Chrome playback has worked on that platform since late 2014.  Starting today, users of Firefox can also enjoy Netflix on Linux.  This marks a huge milestone for us and our partners, including Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Mozilla that helped make it possible.”

So if you are using Linux and your default browser of choice is Firefox, know that you won’t have to keep Chrome and Firefox open in the future just to stream Netflix’s videos. Of course having a native app for Linux might be more preferable, but one step at a time.

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