Are you one of those people who like to watch the entire intro at the start of every episode even though you’ve seen it dozens of times or one of those who knows precisely how much they have to fast forward in order to skip the intro? In either scenario, life would certainly be very easy if Netflix just offered a button to skip the intro should you just want to jump straight into the action. According to reports, Netflix is doing just that. It has started testing a new “skip intro” button.

As the name suggests, the skip intro button will enable viewers to skip the entire intro that’s at the start of every episode. However, reports suggest that this button is only appearing in select TV shows like Netflix’s own House of Cards and Iron Fist.

It’s also showing up in some third-party shows like The Office and Mad Men. This button is said to work with two kinds of intros, ones that have a title sequence and others where the intro comes up after a cold open.

Reports reveal that this button has only been spotted on the web version of Netflix so far and not on the apps. Netflix hasn’t said if and when this button will be widely rolled out and when support for apps will be added.

Netflix merely told The Verge that “We perform hundreds of tests every year to help make the Netflix member experience better.”

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