With the way Google has been approaching Hangouts, it is clear that that they are positioning its Allo app for regular consumers, while Hangouts will be aimed at more users with more enterprise needs. If you’re still hesitating on getting on board with Allo, then you might be interested to learn that Google has a bunch of new features for the app in the works.

According to the folks at 9to5Google, after some digging they have discovered some upcoming features of the app that Google could be implementing in the near future. One of those features includes a backup and restore feature, which presumably would allow users to backup their chats and restore them, which will come in handy after a factory reset or if you’ve gotten a new device.

There also appears to be a “Quick selfie” feature where there will be a camera icon placed next to the text entry field, where pressing it will launch the camera app where you can snap a photo and send it to immediately to the person you’re chatting with. Google also appears to be adding more sticker options to that app, and last but not least 9to5Google has discovered an incognito mode for group chats.

Assuming this is like incognito mode for Chrome, this should allow users to create private group chats where presumably things like your chat log will not be recorded (we’re assuming since the feature isn’t live yet). In any case these are some of the features that users can potentially look forward to in future updates to the app.

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