The other day it was revealed in a pleasant surprise that the Nintendo Switch’s Pro controller would work natively with the PC. What this means is that gamers would be able to pair the controller with their PC using Bluetooth and be able to play games using it without the need for additional software or tweaks.

We’re not sure if this was an intentional design, but it was good news all the same. Now according to the folks at The Verge, it seems that the Joy-Con controllers will also work with not just the PC, but Mac computers as well. For the Mac it seems that syncing it is a relatively straightforward thing to do, but for the PC you will need to download an app like JoyToKey, but otherwise it’s not too complicated to get it up and running.

We’re not sure in what context you might want to use the Joy-Cons with your PC or Mac, but given that the Joy-Cons can double as two controllers, we guess it’s a quick fix if you’re looking to play some local multiplayer games on your PC or Mac and don’t have a spare gaming controller to offer your friend.

That being said not everything is fine and dandy with the Joy-Cons as gamers have reported some connectivity issues. We’re not sure if there could be an incoming fix or as it was recently suspected in a teardown, it might have to do with the design of the controller’s antenna, which we guess there’s nothing that one can do about it save for redesigning it.

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