Nintendo has seen a good response from the market for its new Switch console. It has already become the fastest selling Nintendo console in several markets across the globe. Demand remains high and many are finding it hard to get their hands on a unit. Most stores have sold out of their initial batches and are waiting for the next one to arrive. According to reports, in response to the prevalent demand for its new console, Nintendo is expected to double the production of the Switch.

Nintendo previously said that it had a launch target of two million units. It wanted to sell two million units of the Nintendo Switch in March and reports reveal that it has already sold more than 1.5 million units which suggests that it’s on track to beat the target.

The Wall Street Journal is now reporting that Nintendo has decided to produce 16 million units of the Switch over the next 12 months. It was previously expected to produce just 8 million units of the Switch prior to seeing massive demand for the console.

That obviously doesn’t mean that Nintendo will end up selling each and every single one of the unit it produces, many will remain on retailers’ shelves after the demand dies down, but it goes to show that the console has been performing even better than the company’s expectations and it’s a good sign which will restore the faith of the Nintendo faithful in this new console.

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