With Samsung introducing iris scanning technology in the Note 7 last year, it would seem as though the company is looking to transition away from fingerprint scanning, which is more or less the de facto biometric security solution offered up at the moment. However based on the leaked photos of the Samsung Galaxy S8, it seems that the fingerprint sensor is here to stay.


However it might not be staying for too long, according to a recent tweet by @mmddj_china (via PhoneArena) who apparently quotes a Samsung staff as saying that the company plans to kill off the fingerprint scanner as it is “obsolete”. However like we said with the Galaxy S8 photos showing the fingerprint sensor, presumably this will apply to phones after that, like maybe with the Galaxy Note 8.

It should be noted that Samsung is also apparently introducing a facial recognition system with the Galaxy S8. This is meant to replace the “slower” iris scanning technology, but that of course remains to be seen. The notion of Samsung ditching fingerprints isn’t exactly surprising either because last we heard, Apple was considering a similar move as well.

There have also been rumors that Apple is considering using facial recognition technology for its 2017 iPhone, which will be interesting as it will finally kill off the home button that has been an iPhone feature ever since its inception. Take this with a grain of salt, but how would you guys feel if future handsets no longer relied on fingerprint technology, but facial recognition instead?

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