SpaceX has shown us time and again how it’s able to successfully land a rocket that has been used on a mission to space back on solid ground, or in some cases, even on a floating barge in the sea. However, what the company hasn’t done yet is relaunch one of the rockets that it has successfully landed after a mission. Competing space company Blue Origin – owned by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos – has already relaunched its reusable rocket but SpaceX is yet to do that. The company has now confirmed that it’s going to relaunch its first reusable rocket later this month.

The confirmation comes from Gwynne Shotwell, Space’s president and chief operating officer, who said during an industry conference in Washington that the relaunch is going to be conducted later this month.

Shotwell says that reusability is something that SpaceX has been working on since the first day and that “In order to make that work, you need to inspect it and make sure it is ready to fly again. Once we get really good at that, there will be downward pressure on price.”

The mission which will be relying on this reusable rocket will carry a satellite from Luxembourg-based SES SA into orbit. If SpaceX is able to pull this off successfully, Shotwell says that SpaceX is going to relaunch five additional rockets that have undertaken missions previously by the end of this year.

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