Blue Origin, a private space company owned by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, was able to launch and land its reusable rocket last year. To show that it really is a reusable rocket, the company fired it up again and sent it back up and it made a second successful landing. As they say, third time’s the charm, and Blue Origin went ahead with another launch of the same rocket and has now become the first private space company to launch and land the same reusable rocket three times.

The launch was conducted over the weekend. Blue Origin CEO Jeff Bezos tweeted that the company’s New Shepard rocket had a “perfect booster landing.” This is the same rocket that was first sent up to space and landed on solid ground back home in November last year and in January this year for the second time. The same rocket has now gone up to space three times and has subsequently made a successful landing.

Blue Origin hasn’t released any video yet of this remarkable feat, but CEO Bezos did tweet that they had drone cameras in the air to record aerial footage which will be shared later.

The company is aiming to go ahead with its first crewed test flights aboard the New Shepard rocket next year, this is what Bezos revealed during a rare invite to journalists for a tour of the company’s facility in Kent, Washington last month.

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