We’ve been hearing reports about a possible merger of Sprint with T-Mobile for several years now. Since T-Mobile’s position wasn’t as good as it is right now just a few years ago, initially the plan was said to merge both carriers together with control of the resulting entity ending up with the folks running Sprint. The situation is different now and according to new reports, Sprint could end up merging with T-Mobile or even Comcast.

It’s different now because T-Mobile is in a stronger position after having overtaken Sprint as the country’s third-largest mobile carrier. It’s now expected that a merger would result in the new entity being under T-Mobile’s control.

The New York Times reports that it’s possible that Sprint might merge with either T-Mobile or Comcast which is the country’s largest cable company. Masayoshi Son, the founder and CEO of Sprint owner SoftBank, is said to be considering his options with the help of his financial advisors ever since President Trump took office.

As the Trump administration pushes for lower taxes and more relaxed regulation, there’s hope now that a merger may sail through. Many SoftBank executives have reportedly met with senior members of Trump’s economic team in Washington to discuss matters relating to a potential merger.

Will Sprint finally be able to complete something that it’s believed to be interested in doing for a very long time under the new administration? The previous didn’t take too kindly to big mergers between telecom companies as it shot down AT&T and T-Mobile’s merger while discouraging Sprint from doing the same thing with T-Mobile.

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