Most of us know that simply littering the streets is not a very nice thing to do, but yet despite that and despite the availability of trash cans, people still somehow manage to litter anyway. However hopefully littering could soon be a thing of the past as Sencity has unveiled what they are calling the TetraBIN.

This is smart and connected trash can that will gamify the process of disposing your trash. How does it work? The bin comes with a wraparound display and sensors to detect when trash is thrown. The game is simple: there are dogs in the display that are calling out for you to feed them, while bats are flying through the sky. So what happens is that when you throw in your trash, the goal is to avoid the bats and have the trash make its way to the dog.

For gamers who successfully feed the dogs (the trash is transformed into digital chicken drumsticks as it passes through the sensors), the display will show a “win” screen and there will also be a code provided for that lets players redeem a reward on TetraBIN’s website. We have to say that the idea is rather novel, plus we’re not sure how many people can be bothered to stick around to see if they’ve won a prize.

However if you’re looking to instill good habits in your kids, hopefully the gamifying of the process will help them grow up into members of society who don’t simply litter the streets. In the meantime you can check out the video above to see the TetraBIN in action, although do note that the video depicts an older model of the bin that had a low-res display and had a Tetris-like game installed.

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