As if it wasn’t bad enough that upon entry into the US that some might be asked to share their social media information, but now it seems that if you’re planning to visit the US, you may no longer be allowed to carry electronic devices larger than your smartphone on board an airplane, or at least that’s what the new rules are suggesting.

According to a report from Reuters, they have been told by US officials that due to an unspecified terrorism that they learned about several weeks ago, over a dozen foreign airlines flying in from over a dozen countries will be affected by this. What this means is that if your country is among that list, you’ll have to pack your larger electronic devices, such as laptops, into your check-in luggage as you will not be allowed to bring them on board the plane.

While the White House declined to comment on this new ruling, it seems to have been confirmed by the Royal Jordanian Airlines RJAL.AM who tweeted that its US-bound passengers would be barred from carrying most electronic devices on board. However like we said cellphones appear to still be permitted along with approved medical devices.

It is unclear as to how long this new rule will be staying in effect, like until the threat has been neutralized, or if it will be permanent. Either way it’s something you’ll have to take into consideration if you’re flying into the US from one of the affected countries, which unfortunately were not named by US officials apart from Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

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