Xiaomi makes a lot of different “smart” devices, it even made a smart rice cooker, so it’s not surprising to see that it has made a pair of smart shows as well. This is not the company’s first fitness-focused wearable, Xiaomi has already released multiple versions of its Band wearable, so this is merely an extension of those efforts. Xiaomi’s smart shoes do have a very unorthodox name, though, they’re called the “90 Minutes Ultra Smart Sportswear.”

Xiaomi has created these smart shoes in collaboration with Intel which has provided the button-sized Curie module that powers the fitness-tracking features.

The smart shoes are capable of tracking the user’s movement so they get data about walking, running, and climbing. They will get a report at the end of the day which details the distance they traveled, their average speed, and the calories that they burned.

The shoes themselves appear to be comfortable as they have anti-skid features, air cushions, soles that have an arch design and antibacterial insoles. Xiaomi is going to release them in April with four color options: Black and Surf Blue for men and Black and Pink for women. Those who like running in the night will prefer the special Blue Edition which glows in the dark.

As you might have guessed by now, Xiaomi has only released this product in China for now so it’s unclear if and when they will arrive in the United States. They cost CNY 300 which is around $44.

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