At the moment what the iPhone 8 looks like is anyone’s guess. However thanks to a very, very crude sketch put together by a factory work and published by Benjamin Geskin (via PhoneArena), we have a very rough idea of what the upcoming 2017 iPhone could look like, or at least that’s what we would like to think.

As you can see from the photos, the sketches look extremely crude and very rough. We can’t say for sure how authentic these sketches are, but given that just about anyone could doodle on a piece of paper and call it a leak, call us skeptical. Interestingly enough according to the sketch, the iPhone 8 is expected to maintain the dual camera design, but instead of the camera lenses placed side by side horizontally, they are placed vertically.

We’re not sure why Apple might have changed the orientation, but maybe it could be they want to encourage more photos taken in landscape mode. The sketches also show a phone in which there is no home button, but according to the Chinese text it suggests that it will be a “function are”.

The sketches are also claiming that we can expect a pair of FaceTime cameras. Take this with a heavy dose of salt for now, but assuming they are anywhere close to accurate, it could be our very first “look” at the iPhone 8.

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