If you’ve tried to delete your Uber account previously, you might have noticed that it’s not as easy as it may seem. Simply removing the app from your smartphone doesn’t do much. Removing the app doesn’t remove server data and if you wanted to do that you had to contact Uber’s support team. However, Uber is now making it easy to properly delete your user account should you feel like it.


This is part of a new update from Uber that’s designed to provide new and improved privacy controls to users. It’s providing users with more choice and control over the information they share with Uber.

The new options include more control over the notifications that users receive from Uber and the contacts shared with the service. Users can also choose to share or withhold location data from inside the app, previously this choice could only be made at the operating system level.

The Uber app is now going to have a dedicated menu called Privacy Settings where all existing and future privacy controls will be placed. The Remove Stored Contacts setting will also be located in this new menu.

Uber users won’t have to get in touch with its support team anymore to properly delete their account. The app now provides access to a self-service deletion process which immediately deactivates the account and starts a 30-day countdown.

The account and all data associated with it is permanently deleted from Uber’s servers after the 30-day limit is up. Users can reactivate their accounts at any time within 30 days.

Uber says that this update will be rolling out to all users across the globe over the next few weeks.

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