Last week Bungie officially announced Destiny 2 and in the process, they also confirmed that Destiny 2 would be playable on the PC. For those who are looking forward to the game, a report from Gadgets 360 has revealed that there is a chance that Destiny 2 could be available for purchase via Steam.


Now you might be wondering what is the importance or significance? For starters, there were rumors that Destiny 2 could be getting its own launcher, but if the Steam rumors prove to be true then we guess that’s one less launcher to be concerned over. As Gadgets 360 points out, we already have the likes of GOG, Origin, Blizzard’s own launcher, and Uplay, so having to download and install one more launcher just for one game doesn’t really make sense.

Not to mention Steam has the added bonus of being around for a while now, which means that gamers probably have huge friends lists and achievements that they have saved, not to mention some gamers might already have credit in their Steam Wallet that they’d rather use, so there’s that too.

The launch on Steam remains to be seen so take it with a grain of salt, but Destiny 2’s release on the PC has been confirmed for later this year where it is expected to be launched in multiple versions.

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