When Diablo 3 first launched, clearly Blizzard decided to introduce a bunch of new classes that weren’t available in the previous games, with some featuring skills and characteristics that were kind of hybrids of some of the older classes. The Witch Doctor class however was mostly compared to the Necromancer in Diablo 2.

However for those who miss the original Necromancer class, you might have heard that Blizzard will be bringing the character back and in a recent post on the Diablo blog, Blizzard has outlined the skills that gamers will be able to expect from the class. The good news is that it appears that for the most part, Blizzard will be keeping the class roughly similar to the original, which means that there will be certain skills that will be making a return.

This includes the likes of Bone Spear, Bone Armor, and Bone Spirit. There will also be the ability to raise an army of skeletons as minions who follow you and help fight your enemies, along with golems, curses, and more. We should also remind gamers that the Necromancer class will be a paid purchase, meaning that it won’t be added free to the game in an update, making it the first time that gamers had to pay for a new class in the Diablo franchise (expansions not counted).

At it stands the closed beta for testing the Necromancer class is now live but it is by invite only. No word on when Blizzard plans to release it, but we reckon it shouldn’t be too long now.

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